The path to adulthood is the journey of discovering, owning, and developing talents and applying them responsibly and joyously in the world. We believe it’s our responsibility to collaborate with parents, guardians, and the community to nurture our students on this journey. We call this growing students’ agency.

Growing agency is a part of a movement broadly called Social Emotional Learning. It includes basic tenets such as teaching students to recognize and connect with their own emotions as well as recognize, reframe, and be able to shift their relationships with others.

Through these processes, our students take ownership of their lives.  They don’t see life as something that happens to them but rather as a flow of choices and encounters they can shape and direct.

Agency Development

Growing agency is an explicit process.

We use the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework to grow our innovators’ socio-psychical development.

We also explicitly teach time and team management.

You can find the details of how we organize and launch Agency Development under Agency Toolkit.

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